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Why us?



We are a software platform that enables businesses to maximize the influence of favorable online reviews. So we will help you to display your reviews from different social platforms as a total on your website.

This is how it's going to work:

1. Our platform helps in you requesting reviews easily just by sharing a link or a QR code. ( We have a filter system, and 1-3 stars are directing to a internal form so you can get the feedback, while 4-5 stars are directing to Google or Facebook so you can boost your review count there.

2. AddMyStars will gather all of your online reviews from places like Google My Business, Facebook, TrustPilot and 13 other platforms. 

This implies that anyone looking for the services or goods you offer online will find ALL of your reviews from up to 15 sites directly on your website. There is no better method to stand out from the competition and get more clients.

Collecting reviews from the following websites

You will get similar Review Collection page that you can share!

You will get a Similar QR code for your review collection page (this example redirects to this page).

You can print that QR code and stick it in the zones where you're clients spend time.

You can print it on business cards, flyers, cars etc. 

Why is it such a big deal?

More reviews and positive ratings can improve your business's local ranking

More reviews improve your company's visibility and reliability so your business will stand out more than your competitors.

We will collect all your reviews from across the social platforms and show them in one single place. What a better way to stand out from your competitors.

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Positive online customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines that communicates trustworthiness and authority.

One negative review can cost you 30 customers, so those who have had a negative experience will write to you privately, without leaving you a public negative review. We will help you to to accumulate only positive reviews.

People seeing a bunch of positive client reviews on your products are more likely to develop more trust, which can lead to higher sales. 



Share reviews on your website with our help. Visitors to your website will be persuaded to choose you by your customers' positive online reviews.

All your customer reviews in one place

Display your reviews from different social platforms as a total on Google's search results - where customers are already looking.

Why reviews are so important?

  • Credibility & Social Proof
  • Improve Rankings
  • Reviews Generate More Reviews
  • Consumers are Doing your Marketing for You
  • Allow Consumers to Have a Voice and Create Customer Loyalty
What will happen to my reviews after I stop renewing my subscription to addmystars?

Nothing, the reviews are on your social accounts. We're helping you to gather reviews easier, but that's about it, we have no control over them. Are yours to keep, you can implement them in whatever tool you want. You won't have access to our tool if do not renew your subscription so you'll have to start collecting reviews the old way.

From which websites can you collect my reviews?

We will collect reviews from the following websites>

Custom Integration

Why is it important to share my reviews on my website?

There are multiple benefits to sharing your reviews on your site. Reviews appear to be the most prominent ranking factor in local search. It helps businesses rank well, even if they have low quality link profiles. Moreover, when a business has already received online reviews, it encourages other visitors to leave their own feedback.

I changed my business, can I change my links and info?

Sure thing, just set again the integration & redo your reputation landing page the new business.

How much does it cost AddMyStars?

AddMyStars has 2 pricing tiers:  

  1. Annual Plan 100$ (8.33$ per month)
  2. Lifetime 250$ 


How can I buy the Lifetime Version?

On the form below, you can tick upgrade to Lifetime for a one time fee!

Can I upgrade later from Yearly to Lifetime?

Yes, during our 60 days money back guarantee you can upgrade by paying the price difference if there will be lifetime Keys left in stock. 

Contact our support for this.

Is it easy to install? How about using it?

Its a SAAS : Software as a Service, so you don't have to install anything. 
Its easy to set and you can start using it right away. 

After buying it, you'll get to a page where you can book a FREE 15-30 minutes session for setting and explaning our tool.

Bonus: We'll do a live LOCAL SEO AUDIT for your business. The information that you'll receive will be worth more than what you're paying for AddMyStars licence.


We have a 60 days Money Back Guarantee!

If for whatever reason, you don't like our software, you will get your money back in FULL!

NO questions asked, no gimmicks, no tricks. 

Just contact support and we'll refund you in the same day.

Multiple Businessses or Multiple Locations!

If you have multiple Businessses  or multiple Locations.

Place a regular order and for other locations contact us for a 50% discount special link. 

The first order will be Full Price. The others will be with discounted. 

“Our employees were asking from time to time for reviews ( actually, almost never). Moving to addmystars for review collection boosted our reviews number exponentially. Its a lot easier to ask for reviews and its a lot easier for the customer to post them. Its great”

Jofra Archer

ASB Dealers

“I started using addmystars and I love it! I get more reviews and I've seen a direct impact on my business! You should too!”

Maria D Souza

Auto Fasteners Ltd

“This is hands down the best review collection, feedback and review management tool on the market. I use this to collect reviews, organize them, get more reviews and improve my reviews count. It's a great tool for ecommerce sites and other business that need to get more reviews for their services and products. I tried a few simillar tools and decided to stick with them.”

Mike Danton

Kirk Pipes Ltd

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